Performance Tailored Nutrition Programming 

Welcome to New3Fit™ an advance performance nutrition consultancy specialising in individualised athlete specific nutrition plans for individuals from elite level competitors to beginner exercisers starting their fitness journey. All our advice and programming comes from a highly-qualified advance sports nutrition advisor with a background in elite level sports along with our own access to a team of advisors we feel we need to ask more. Nutrition is constantly evolving we want you to benefit the most. We use only evidence based proven scientific research along with mathematic fine tuning to ensure you are adequately fed and fuelled for your training and everyday life.

It is not possible to offer one single nutritional protocol for everyone. Why? Because everyone’s biochemistry is different. Even between people within the same family and with similar genetics! There is no “universal” diet plan that is right for absolutely everyone. It means that we need to look at the individual and evaluate what works for that individual specifically. For that reason, scientific research is moving towards a more individualised approach. 

To achieve your fitness and performance goals, you must give your body the specific foods and nutrients that are inherently necessary to you and your current metabolism, including tailored intake adjustments around your training type, volume and frequency.

How it works...

After signing up to one of our plans we go through a detailed client questionnaire with you along with medical questionnaire and consent form. We want to know everything about you, your goals, training structure, current eating habits, weight, body composition, right down to how you feel before & after you train and your sleep pattern.

This allow us to get to work on developing a tailored New3Fit plan which will work best for you.

Once we receive your detailed New3Fit plan, we will be in regular contact with you, and based on your plan, we will have regular follow ups to tweak your plan as you develop and surpass your goals.

Fat Loss

Muscle Gain

Athletic Performance / Competition prep


Fit   Emergency  the 12 week program



Niamh Moffet PT - Dublin

I sought the help of the New3Fit crew to help me reach my fat loss goals and get back into competitive powerlifting shape. Debbie has the experience and knowledge when it comes to nutrition and in particular sports nutrition and performance. Always on hand to answer any questions or queries and guide me in the right direction  

William Murphy - Tipperary

I found the plan a huge help. My hopes for The plan were to drop a few kgs and increase my performance and the plan absolutely delivered on those objectives. As I am 41 and really missed out/ignored the nutritional revolution that has been going on with the last 10 years. My 3rd goal was to educate myself along the way about the nutritional values of foods and this is where I have got the most benefit. Will I have bad days/weeks in d future?Absolutely yes but at least now I have a blueprint on how to get back on track so thanks a million New3Fit for d tips and advice along the way, I really appreciate it.

Stephanie Sheeran - Tipperary

My training was going well and my diet was good but I thought it could be better. With New3Fit Nutrition's help I have made small changes to my nutrition and have seen fabulous results from it. 

Maeve Broderick - Crossfit Loughrea, Galway.

I have just finished the 12 week Lean programme and cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only have I dropped a few kilos but have learned so much about nutrition which has really improved my training and performance. Debbie was a great support during the duration. Full of great tips and encouragement. Looking forward to continuing onto the next programme!! Currently on second 12-week cycle

Roisin Egan - Phoenix Strength & Conditioning, Clonmel. 

Just finishing the excellent 12 week nutrition plan with new3fit. Im achieving results both in weight loss and improvement in my athletic performance that i could never have imagined. Debbie was always there to help and encourage, and she has given me the education I badly needed. Most important of all, after 3 kids....i have the confidence in myself to continue to reach my goals! Could not recommend new3fit highly enough!!

David Nevin - Crossfit Loughrea

I wanted to push my training on as i felt it had plateaued. Since starting the New3Fit program I've lost weight and seen improvements in my strength and conditioning . Recovery between training sessions has also improved considerably, currently on second 12-week cycle. 

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