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The Fit Emergency is a 12 week / 3 month Nutrition & Exercise program developed for all emergency shift workers.

Shift work disrupts our bodies circadian rhythm, the World Health Organisation classified night shift work as a probable carcinogen due to this circadian disruption.

We are at a higher risk of developing Abdominal obesity, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Metabolic problems associated with irregular eating habits and poor diet, and much more. 

As well as affecting Physical health; our Mental Health, Performance and Safety are also at risk. 

The aim of this program is to teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, how to safely drop body fat, fuelling your body for shift work, regulating eating habits and improving sleep. Along with this you will also receive a home exercise program for beginner, intermediate and experienced exercisers designed solely for the Fit Emergency program by one of the top gyms and coaches in Ireland. (It’s also a bit of fun)!

What do I get?

  • The Fit Emergency eBook along with your own personalised calorie & macronutrient specific goals.

  • Weekly Weigh-in via email.

  • Facebook private group support by two experienced nutrition coaches & a strength & conditioning coach (including videos).

  • Weekly macronutrient & calorie calculated nutrient rich meal plans developed by your coaches.

  • A 5-day week, home workouts designed especially for the Fit Emergency, emailed weekly (including demo videos on group page).

  • Competition & prizes for best overall transformation male & female.

When does it start?

February 2019, eBook & week one of your meal & exercise program arrives the week before your challenge commences. 

Closing date for sign up is 31/01/19. Places are limited.

(Upon signing up you will receive an initial email from us asking you to confirm subscription, this is permission as per GDPR to allow us to contact you from our website)

Sign up today for our February Challenge.


David O’ Connell - EMT Cork

David recently finished phase 1 of the Fit Emergency Challenge, he lost 14.4kg (over 2 stone in body fat loss) he has since continued his journey and today is 2 1/2 stone down, David is continuing with us into phase 2.

‘I'm proof that this programme works. I've managed to drop two and a half stone just by following this programme. It's not a diet it's a life change. A Lot of the programme consists of diet (proper food none of your processed food that you get at the local deli counter) and a small bit of exercising that you can do at home. Not once did I step into a gym while I was on the programme so no expensive gym memberships that you'll only use a handful of times during the year!!
Yes you have to be committed. Yes you have to prep your food the night before (hated doing that after getting home after a late call but I reaped the rewards the following day when I wasn't eating crap from the deli) Yes you have to exercise before work let's be honest you're not gonna do them when you get home after getting a late call. If you give it your all, you'll see the results fairly quickly (I did within two weeks). Yes you'll fall off the wagon a few times but the following day is a new day so get right back on it again. If your serious about losing the weight this is the programme for you.

David O Connell.jpg

Carol King - Advanced Paramedic Edenderry

Carol is an advanced paramedic in Ireland, she has lost a total of 11.9kg in 12-weeks (26lbs almost 2 stone)
Carol wanted to fit into her uniform pants on the left & make everyday work tasks easier, today her uniform is too lose, she is wearing a size down & feels fitter, stronger & healthier for her job! well done Carol, we are so proud of you. 

carol king pic.jpg

Paul Brothers - Paramedic South East

Paul lost a total of 15.4kg during the 12-weeks of our Fit Emergency Challenge.

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