12 Week Fat Loss Nutrition Plan


Our 12-week fat loss nutrition plan is ideal for individuals who are new or accustomed to exercising and athletes looking to drop body fat in order to improve athletic performance. 

Excess body fat which is a disadvantage in almost all sports & fitness programs, reducing power speed and performance.

Here at New3Fit we will tailor your nutrition to help you successfully and safely drop body fat over the course of your time with us whilst improving performance.

Our fat loss plan teaches you to adapt our program to your lifestyle. We are not just about throwing calories and macronutrients at you, we want to educate you as to why your program is tailored in a specific way, why you are eating certain foods at one time or the day and not the other. Over the 12-weeks we will educate you on everything from supplements to carb loading.

We want to tell you everything we know as we are constantly evolving and want you to evolve with us.